Hi, I'm Holly! I'm an eighteen year old artist and this is a page for my sketchbook mostly to track my own progress as I go through art school.
Personal blog: phthal0.tumblr.com

in class value study on colored light
oil painting of the palm trees next to the Ca’ d’Zan (at the Ringling Museum). it was so nice to sit by yourself and go back to basics and paint exactly what you see in front of you. i need to landscape paint more often
a laundry room painting for the interior project
we had to chose a horoscope. 
a very very very quick character environment for Baboo and Clem. 

My characters for Computer Illustration! Clementine the circus performer and Baboo the Robot. 

Please open in another tab to see the full sizes! Sorry the text is so small~~ here’s what the ‘about’ says for both of them:

Clem: Born to a ringleader and a trapeze artist, Clementine has a natural inclination to performing. But animals hate her and she has zero balance skills. She was on the verge of giving up her dream of performing alongside her parents, when one day she found an abandoned robot. She took him under her wing and he became her partner onstage.

Baboo: Baboo is not from this world. On his homeworld everything is mechanical and everything is alive. He fell through a portal to the human world and is now trapped here. Alone and afraid, he is found on the street by a human girl who takes him home to the city circus. Fascinated by the warm lights after coming from a cool-toned world, he decides to stay and become part of the performance. 

some landscape studies i did a while ago~ might as well put em up
gotta practice gotta practice 
a digital painting of the cloud picture that’s been going around tumblr lately. so pretty so relaxing

the whale piece got into Best of Ringling 


who likes to go landscape painting during the oscars? me. this one here. i do. this is a gas station near my school. the blue represents my tears. oh leo. 
2014. Photoshop. 3 hours.